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Bow and Stern
Wine Tasting
Getaria, birthplace of the first sailor to sail around the world (Juan Sebastián Elcano), with around 2,600 inhabitants, contains:

The medieval Quarter, where the church of San Salvador stands out, along with the active fishing port, which is protected by the town and the famous "Mouse", the fish canning industries, and it is also the centre for the Txakoli wine making (Getaria D.O.).

The Old Quarter, similar to other medieval districts of coastal towns in Guipúzcoa, the church of San Salvador is a must, with its cathedral appearance it is the best example of gothic art of the 15 th century in Guipúzcoa.
Church of San Salvador "The Mouse" of Getaria and the port The Marina Church of San Salvador (detail) The Marina (detail) The Marina (general view)
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